St-Léonard Toyota

7665 Boulevard Lacordaire
Montreal, Quebec
H1S 2A7, Canada
Phone: 1 581 703-8523

Toyota dealer in Montreal

St-Léonard Toyota

Welcome on St-Léonard Toyota, your best Toyota dealership for a used Toyota in the city of Montreal.

If you are looking for a used Toyota, you've come to the right place. With over fifty quality vehicles in our inventory, we are convinced that you are going to find something appealing very quickly. For example, we carry multiple Toyota Camrys, the nation's best selling medium sized sedan. Whether you are looking for a family sedan, a sports utility vehicle or a subcompact, we carry cars for every budget. No matter what is your favorite vehicle, you can enjoy our legendary Toyota reliability on all of them. Indeed, many vehicles sold here will run for years to come. You can also enjoy the terrific mileage that Toyota is known for by buying one of our beautiful Yaris or Corolla. Come see us now for your next used Toyota at St-Léonard Toyota.

A good dealership offers good services. That is why St-Léonard Toyota offers various services to make your life easier. For example, our rustproof service will help your vehicle survive our long and hard winters. Our aesthetic services will make your car look like new whenever you want it. Our certified technician will fix up your car in no time. You can count on them if you plan on keeping your car for a long time to come. Plus, St-Léonard Toyota uses genuine Toyota parts, which are the best parts available for your vehicle. All in all, St-Léonard Toyota offers great service at a great price.

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